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Brian Naughton, Chief Technology Officer Brian has over 20 years’ experience in the Telecommunications industry, starting his career at Nortel Networks and later leading Group OSS Architecture at the Operator C&W. Brian has created a number of industry initiatives ranging from founding ETSI’s Mobile Edge Compute working group, founding the Product and Service Assembly Initiative (BT, C&W, Colt, QinetQ, Oracle, Microsoft) and leading OSS through Java Initiative. Brian joined IBM as an Executive in their Telco Mega Deals team and most recently held responsibility as the Head of IBM’s Telco Software Business.

Orchestration Soup

The fledgling NFV market is in a frenzy about “Orchestration”. Orchestration is billed as the evolution and convergence of OSS, next generation self-optimising networks and the answer to several other CSP world hungers. This Orchestration ambition has great merit and ETSI did a great job getting the industry to sit up and listen and continues [...]

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Inventory is Dead, Long Live Topology

In the traditional telecoms world, inventory management is one of the most critical aspects of business success. Slick inventory management is key to the cost effective deployment of new services, while rapid diagnostics and repair have underpinned improved customer service in recent years. But as the shift away from physical equipment to virtual services begins [...]

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Building the ROI case for NFV

The rate and scale of NFV savings in the near term depends heavily on the type of service or network function being migrated. These could be: Simplification of hardware appliances shipped to customers Reduced complexity of customer driven overlay services Infrastructure economies of scale and procurement for large shared underlay services The most obvious business [...]

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What do we need from NFV Orchestration?

NFV orchestration must match the same goals for NFV in operator networks. While capital expense management was initially the driving force behind NFV, operators have now evolved to focusing on improvements in service agility and velocity, as well as control of opex. The problem this poses for NFV is that the ETSI Industry Specification Groups [...]

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