Stratoss can help in the automated change management of cloud operating systems and infrastructure within one or multiple datacentres. This is important in order to eliminate any down time or disruption to business.

For any enterprise or service provider, deploying a cloud of any size or type, there is physical hardware and networking boxes which need to work and plug into each other. Each of those boxes and servers have firmware and the operating system for the cloud is installed on the top of all of those elements.

If any of the servers are to be upgraded or changed, new ones added, or old ones removed, today the whole operating system has to be turned off, changes made, turned back on and everything reinstalled. For business continuity, this automated change management of datacentre infrastructure, is essential particularly when systems are critical to everyday life, for example, in a hospital.

How can Stratoss help?

If changes are required to a server in the cloud, Stratoss can move the application off the server and re-connect it to all applications it needs to be connected to so that nothing goes offline. The server can then be removed from the cloud environment, reconfigured or upgraded, added back into the cloud and then reattached to the applications.

There are 3 use cases that Stratoss can handle in relation to automated change management:

Capacity Management

Capacity can be added to an existing cloud, i.e. add new services and networking and then update the OS (without downtime.)

Updating Infrastructure

Co-ordinating and refreshing existing infrastructure by moving applications off servers required for upgrade, maintaining and upgrading them, and then making them available again.

OS upgrades and migration

The cloud operating system can be upgraded by creating two clouds, side-by-side, adding servers to the new OS, and then migrating operations.