StratOSS™ supports industry standard architectures in order to facilitate integration and deployment. We are active in standards bodies such as ETSI ZSM, and follow specifications of MEF, CORD, IETF and TMForum and other leading standards.



StratOSS™ acts as the NFVO in ETSI MANO deployments. StratOSS™ acts as a functional block that manages the Network Service (NS) lifecycle and coordinates the management of NS lifecycle, VNF lifecycle (supported by the VNFM) and NFVI resources (supported by the VIM) to ensure an optimized allocation of the necessary resources and connectivity. It has the ability to coordinate, authorize, release, and engage, and manage resources independently of any specific VIM. To provide service orchestration, the NFV Orchestrator creates end-to-end services by combining different VNFs in a Network Service.

StratOSS™ can also act as the Master Service Orchestrator and manage the lifecycle of services, resources that are across multiple clouds, vendors, geographies and domains.


StratOSS™ acts can act as the VNFM and is responsible for carrying out the lifecycle management of VNFs under the control of the NFVO. StratOSS™ includes a standardised lifecycle model that mandates each VNF to adhere to. This enables StratOSS™ NFVO to manage the lifecycle of each VNF with a much higher degree of automation. If the VNF includes a VNFM, the resource manager framework of StratOSS™ can integrate with that VNFM to manage its life.


StratOSS™ includes Service Intelligence capabilities. The specific focus on metrics and metric collection for each of the on-boarded VNFs, enables StratOSS™ to provide advanced and automated closed-loop orchestration. Beyond individual VNF performance, StratOSS™ is able to aggregate KPI and KQIs into service-specific performance indicators. This enables StratOSS™ to trigger lifecycle actions to heal, scale, or upgrade a service to optimise its performance.

StratOSS™ also provides additional diagnostics capabilities if an issue cannot be automatically resolved. This allows for rapid service restoration, further diagnostics, and re-design if needed. For longer-term and historical trend analysis and service performance, StratOSS™ provides a platform for advanced analytics capabilities. In addition, external OSS and BSS systems such as Fault or Performance Management can integrate with StratOSS™ through its northbound interface.