Key Capabilities

StratOSS™ provides a cloud native platform and set of tools that simplifies and automates the end to end lifecycle of virtual and physical network services. Reducing manual activity, simplifying operational tasks and reducing the time to production for complex network services.

StratOSS™ software provides capabilities for the following lifecycle use cases:


StratOSS™ reduces the time to onboard VNFs by importing standards based VNF packages. StratOSS’s™ unique lifecycle model reduces the time and effort to design complex network services and their operational lifecycles without the need for lots of coding or workflow.

Pre-production environments can be orchestrated quickly into place and both the functional behaviour of VNFs and operational behaviour of network services are verified automatically. Dramatically reducing the time and effort to verify complex network services are ready for production.


StratOSS’s™ unique intent driven orchestrator figures out how to deploy complex network services across distributed Cloud and network environments. Automating VNF software release management, ready for service verification and all tasks required to bring the network service into operation.


Once a network service is operational, StratOSS™ provides intelligence and diagnostics tools to auto optimise, heal and upgrade its VNF software and infrastructure components. Automating and simplifying manual and complex tasks to reduce operating costs and allowing operations skills to focus on higher value tasks.