Accanto works with a number of leading technology providers. We strive to provide partners with the tools and skills to develop relationships to engage with the customers of today and tomorrow.


Accanto partners with IBM who help us take our  StratOSS™ Lifecycle Manager to market under their name IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager.

Together, the companies have created a platform which is designed to simplify and automate the production of NFV services, from design and testing through to in-service monitoring and maintenance.


Reduced cost of operations

Significantly reduce manual effort and operational costs by automating the entire service lifecycle, including to automatically heal, upgrade and migrate Virtual Network Functions and services.

Increase agility

Rapid on-boarding and testing time of Virtual Network Functions and Services reducing service introduction from years to weeks or days.

Infrastructure Optimisation

Dynamically optimise infrastructure utilisation while reducing infrastructure costs including automatic scaling and moving of VNFs to ensure consistent and excellent delivery of customer experience.

Automate Operations

Leverages closed loop Operations to provide a dynamic operations environment that acts on lifecycle requirements to proactively avoid service impacting issues.

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