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The StratOSS™ DevOps Platform

Accanto’s StratOSS™ software platform is designed to operate, predict and automate the networks of today and tomorrow. The StratOSS™ platform, offering two products – the StratOSS™ Quality Manager and the StratOSS™ Lifecycle Manager –  delivers business value by fully automating the management and operations of carrier grade virtual networks, proactively ensuring physical and virtual networks deliver against end customer expectation.

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The StratOSS™ DevOps platform provides tools that automate a complete set of network lifecycle tasks, for example:

  • On-boarding and testing virtual network functions through development, test and production environments.
  • Full operational use case automation from the initial creation of services to continuous diagnostics, scaling, healing, upgrade, and migration to ensure carrier grade service delivery.

StratOSS™ significantly improves operational automation over traditional systems that provide limited coverage of operational use cases. It also dramatically improves agility and time to market by providing Service Providers a consistent set of tools through the end-to-end service production process.

Accanto’s StratOSS™ DevOps product portfolio provides intelligence and tooling to automate key operational processes:

  • StratOSS™ Quality Monitor – Real time monitoring of Customer Service Quality. Analysing huge amounts of operational data alongside dynamic service and network topology to understand if the current state of the network is delivering against customer expectation.
  • StratOSS™ Lifecycle Manager –Linearly scalable intent engine continuously ensures the network is in an optimal state delivering required levels of service. In situations where the network is not delivering against expectation, predictions of how the network should be re-arranged to optimize or heal itself are calculated with a level of confidence that can automate corrective action.

StratOSS™ is a Cloud native platform, built on open cloud and big data technologies. The StratOSS software architecture is designed to scale linearly, self-scale or heal and update its functionality without any down time.