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StratOSS™ Lifecycle Manager

StratOSS™ Lifecycle Manager provides a comprehensive services design, testing and automated deployment solution that address the challenges and complexities of the NFV paradigm. StratOSS Lifecycle Manager helps service providers effectively streamline service delivery, minimize complexity, and deliver innovative new services to customers at significant speed and lower cost of operations. Further, it enables automated operations by managing the end-to-end lifecycle of virtual network services, from release management of 3rd party VNF software packages right through to the continuous orchestration or running of VNF and Service instances.

Why’s it different?

NFV brings additional complexity over a physical world network which could increase effort and cost if it’s not managed with a new approach.

  • Accanto is focused on the difficult on-going maintenance use cases such as healing, upgrading, and maintenance of VNFs, which account for the majority of the cost and effort associated with operating a service.
  • Accanto are going to standardize the NFV lifecycle with IBM and other companies, publishing an industry VNF lifecycle model which is aligned with other open source projects like ONAP.

Third party VNF software must be wrapped in a well-tested standard lifecycle interface to ensure no errors during production; Service bundles of multi-vendor VNFs must be tested for interoperability and performance; and finally, when put into production, Services and VNFs must constantly be created, configured, updated, scaled, healed, and migrated with no human intervention.

To achieve the levels of automation required, a much simpler and standardised approach is required to implement all foreseen lifecycle transitions. Reducing the degrees of freedom that causes automation errors and implantation complexity.

StratOSS™ Lifecycle Manager provides three core DevOps capabilities to manage the complete tool chain, as follows:

StratOSS™ LM Resource Management Framework

  • VNF Lifecycle Integration – Standardised state model and interface allows rapid on-boarding and high levels of automation.
  • VNF Building Blocks easily and quickly wrap third party VNF software into agile service building blocks that can be tested individually for performance and to reduce errors that need manual intervention in production.
Download the StratOSS Lifecycle Manager Datasheet

StratOSS™ LM Continuous Integration & Deployment

  • Agile Service Assembly Quickly assemble versions of services from VNF building blocks while testing interoperability and healing scenarios that further reduce automation errors.
  • Continuous Deployment – VNFs and Services are automatically tested and certified across Development, test and production environments.

StratOSS™ Intent Driven Operations

  • Intent driven orchestration Automatically create, update and migrate services across multiple data centres based on current topology.
  • Online Service Healing – automatically diagnose service issues and heal running VNFs and Services with no down time