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StratOSS™ Service Quality Manager

StratOSS™ is a customer aware quality management solution designed to deliver advanced customer intelligence to the Service Operations Center (SOC). StratOSS™ enables Service Providers to proactively ensure that network and service infrastructure delivers against customer expectation. Network operations and engineering resources can be optimized through automation and effort can be prioritized to deliver the most value to the business.

Poor network and service quality are estimated to contribute up to 40% of customer churn. Other factors include pricing, service device products and competitor special offers.

StratOSS™ provides the tools to allow operators to accurately recognize those customers who are at increased risk of churning due to persistent poor service quality and to proactively improve their experience before they do so.

Service Providers transforming from network operations to service operations with StratOSS™ can expect the following proven benefits:

Reduced Network Operation Cost

  • Churn Reduction
  • Increased Usage
  • New Subscribers

StratOSS™ combines Accanto’s proven expertise in operating carrier grade networks with IT technologies such as Cloud and predictive analytics to deliver an agile, intelligent and highly automated quality management solution.

StratOSS™ collects, enriches, transforms, stores and analyzes essential network and service data and delivering the following key capabilities:

  • Rapid Service Modelling – Content package framework designed to allow all aspects of the system to be configured rapidly and an SQM SDK that accelerates SQM models.
  • Automation Engine – An in-built automation engine enables service providers to automate processes to gain operational efficiency and consistency. Automation can be used to alarm when certain SLA thresholds are met, or can be used to define actions executed according to certain network, customer, and quality conditions.
  • Linear Scalability – High performance real time SQM engine proven to capture and analyse billions of events. Accanto database technology provides high loading and database query performance, with ensured scalability.

StratOSS™ allows the creation of new Service Quality Management use cases through the configuration of data sources, service models and reports without the need for any system development. Each of the configurable components can be re-used in use cases to speed development. New external data sources can be added to existing service models and new reports can be added to new service models.

Re-using existing components dramatically speeds time to creation of new service models. New services can be created in weeks rather than months through configuration of the StratOSS™ system. Further benefits include:

  • Proven integration of multiple data sources such as Performance Management, CM, FM, probes, CRM, BSS.
  • Ready-made data models for fixed, mobile, and other networks for a variety of 2G/3G/4G voice and data
  • Proven flexible service models and KPI/KQI calculations from various data sources. Creating completely new service models is done in days rather than weeks.
  • Telecoms software middleware approach can accept data from any data source including probe data, PM/FM, CRM, inventory, etc.
Download the StratOSS SQM datasheet
  • Adapters for integration of multi-vendor data sources.
  • Ability to extend and include customer experience management data and ready-made data models and algorithms to calculate customer-aware experience KPI/KQIs (Accanto CEI: Customer Experience Index).
  • Ready-made flexible reporting with multi-dimensional view that can be selected by users and possibility to easily extend to integrate with third-party dashboard and reporting tool.