Videos and animations
from Accanto


Tackling NFV Complexity and Resource Challenges with StratOSS™

Increasing complexity in NFV can place additional demand on scarce skill sets, breaking the business case. Watch ‘Engineer Jack’ and ‘Operations Jill’ demonstrate how StratOSS™ can solve the problem.

How can SDN/NFV fit into the networks of tomorrow – today?

Customer demand for bandwidth has never been higher, and networks are struggling to cope.

From Mobile World Congress 2018, IBM and Accanto explore the changing landscape of Telecommunications today, focusing on the necessity of network reinvention and the opportunities and challenges that come with changing business models and the status quo.

Automating NFV operations. An overview of the StratOSS™ solution

View the story of how Accanto addresses the complete lifecycle of NFV automation, bridging the gap between Development and Operations.

SDN NFV World Congress, 2017 – The Hague

Brian Naughton, CTO, Accanto Systems presents, ‘How to achieve service factory levels of automation with NFV’.

Delivering NFV DevOps

Brian Naughton, CTO Accanto Systems, presents ‘Delivering NFV DevOps Through Continuous VNF Integration and Service Behaviour Driven Testing’.