Accanto Announces New CI/CD Hub in StratOSS™ 2.0 Release


New software release accelerates VNF onboarding and network service design, test and change management across hybrid and distributed cloud environments

Helsinki, Finland, 9 April 2019, Accanto, a leader in cloud networking service automation, today announced the general availability of StratOSS 2.0 with a new CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) Hub to streamline and automate the process of integrating, testing and deploying third party VNF software into complex network services.

Currently, the biggest bottleneck to cloud-based network service production is the integration of 3rd party VNF software, the ad-hoc design of network services and the manual testing of both VNF and network service behaviour. Multiple engineering teams must collaborate around complicated, heterogeneous private and public cloud environments to bring new network services to market.

Today, managing these physical environments and the tasks required to productise network service components is manually intensive, severely limiting the number of concurrent network service projects that a service provider factory can cope with. The result is large bottlenecks that stall production and the adoption of network function virtualisation (NFV) in general.

The StratOSS CI/CD Hub provides a set of standards, tools and automation patterns designed to simplify and accelerate the network service continuous integration and deployment journey. Automatically creating cloud-based pre-production environments on demand, onboarding VNFs and network services, and testing their behaviour meets expectation, are all actions incorporated into the process before deployment into production environments.

Removing significant manual activity and embracing the Cloud decreases the service provider factory bottle neck caused by a shortage of physical resources in the run up to the network services going live. Automated behaviour testing further removes manual bottlenecks and supports the goal of “lights out” operations.

Brian Naughton, CTO, Accanto says, “The current process of integrating third party software into the service lifecycle is laborious, time consuming and a barrier to meeting demand for new products and services. The new CI/CD Hub within StratOSS 2.0 makes this process simpler and reduces the timeframe for bringing new network service products to market.”

He continues, “At Accanto we continuously strive to bring the benefits of the IT DevOps movement to service providers, driving productivity gains across their new network service CI/CD processes. StratOSS’s tools can significantly aid the service provider operational transformation on their journey to cloud networking. With StratOSS 2.0 we can help service providers linearly scale their factory throughput, reduce operational costs and increase competitiveness along the way.”

The new tools in StratOSS 2.0, which can be wrapped into the CD/CI process, also include:

  • A VNF and network service behaviour testing framework based on popular and open IT behaviour testing technologies, allowing the automated testing or certification of VNFs and services.
  • A graphical service designer and behaviour test editor which allow new network services and VNFs to be created and implemented in a simplified, rapid and efficient manner.
  • The CI/CD Hub provides a set of pipeline tools that can integrate with popular IT pipeline repositories and automation tools to include environment, VNF and network service automated tasks.
  • A dynamic execution plan allows operations to monitor real time automation tasks and, in the case of encountered errors that cannot be resolved by StratOSS itself, quickly drill into VNFs to diagnose root cause and resolution.

StratOSS 2.0 is now generally available. For further information, please contact:, or find out more on our website:

About Accanto

Accanto’s StratOSS™ Lifecycle Manager is a cloud networking automation platform that embraces the I.T DevOps movement. StratOSS enables complex network services to be designed, created and continuously optimised across hybrid and distributed cloud environments. StratOSS Lifecycle Manager’s unique intent engine delivers dramatic “lights out” operational automation, lowering the cost of managing edge cloud fabrics for Enterprise and 5G, and increasing the pace of innovation.

Accanto is headquartered in Finland and operates globally.


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