An Opinionated Approach To Network Service Automation

One of the key reasons that NFV has struggled to progress, is that product companies working to solve the problem of managing the complexity of virtual networking across distributed data centres have tried to hammer an old world solution into a new world. OSS vendors bending offerings designed for traditional network appliances, or cloud orchestration vendors bending IT public cloud offerings to manage virtual networks across distributed edge clouds are not fit for purpose and hinder the business case required to accelerate adoption.

Vendors and standards bodies have tried to make the implementation of NFV a staged process, starting with the day 1 scenarios of VNF on-boarding, with little consideration for the stage 2 scenario of on-going VNF or more importantly the continuous deployment and ongoing operations of complex Network Services.

From the very start, Accanto has developed a product in the StratOSS™ Lifecycle Manager designed to deliver webscale levels of automation for virtual networking across highly distributed cloud environments. Building a new opinionated approach and set of technologies from the ground up designed to automate the management of distributed edge cloud environments, and accelerating the design, creation and continuous optimisation of enterprise and communications services, delivers “lights out” operational automation across hybrid and distributed cloud environments.

An opinionated approach to network service automation, auto-generates and executes the most efficient steps to get a service into its intended state without the need for manual programming of scripts or workflows. It auto-generates the lifecycle for the service and keeps it in an optimal state whatever event may impact it.

The key enabling factor to make opinionated network service automation work is to standardize the way individual VNFCs are managed. To facilitate this, StratOSS™ comes with a definition of a standardized lifecycle model specifying allowed lifecycle transactions and operational states that each managed software component must follow, thus productising the automation approach so that that network operator doesn’t have to.

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Monday, Apr 15