Stratoss™ is a cloud native product, designed to deliver web-scale levels of operational automation for the cloud-based networking world – both to telco and enterprise service providers. A new OSS “in the control plane”, Stratoss™ automates the ongoing operational lifecycle of virtual network services from onboarding to ongoing maintenance.

Leveraging movements such as DevOps and tools such as behaviour driven testing from the enterprise IT community, combined with Accanto’s unique intent-based orchestration engine, we have proven that we can achieve 30 times less operational effort for ongoing maintenance of virtual network services.


Stratoss™ provides intent based orchestration tools through its Intent Engine which is one of the core functions in the product. The main purpose of the Intent Engine is to auto-generate and execute the most efficient steps to get a service into its intended state without the need for the manual programming of scripts or workflows. In this sense it operates like a satellite navigation system. In a satnav, you enter the destination (intended state) and the car knows where you are (based on GPS), it knows your intended location, and then figures out the most efficient way to get there. You don’t need to program each step manually, you don’t need to program any left/right turns in the system, the system does that for you. And if there is a roadblock or accident, it re-routes you in real-time to get you to the intended location.

The Intent Engine works in the same way. All you need is to have the VNFs wrapped in a standardized lifecycle model, then to design the service so that you describe the relationships between the VNFs in the service, ie., (“VNF1 needs to be installed first, after that it needs to tell its IP address to VNF2, which can then be installed”). This then allows the Intent Engine to auto-generate the lifecycle for the service, and always keeps it in an optimal state when something happens.